Capturing dreams! Times Of India : 28/12/2012

This Kerala-based artists and sculptor, who has had no formal training, is in the city to present her works, 30 sketches and 21 sculptures. So, what inspires her? "Plain, ordinary things," she says, "I notice things that other mostly miss."Another such picture is that of a girl chasing a butterfly — the Dreamcatcher — which she states is also symbolic of 'people chasing their dreams'."I love to bring before my viewers the images that have struck a chord with me," she adds.
She considers renowned sculptor V Satheesan as her guru. "I was fortunate to meet Satheesan at an event in Trivandrum and he taught me the art of making a good sculpture," she says. Her sculptures are mostly in bronze, though she likes to work with wood and terractotta as well.