Life’s poignant moments frozen in time : 11/04/2013

UNIQUE STYLEUsha Ramachandran with one of her sculptures on display at the Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery in Kozhikode on Wednesday PHOTO K RAGESHUNIQUE STYLE:Usha Ramachandran with one of her sculptures on display at the Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery in Kozhikode on Wednesday.
The little girl who was happily skipping was in mid-air when artist Usha Ramachandran said ‘Statue’ and she just froze. It was not a lone incident. Watching Ms. Ramachandran’s exhibition of sculptures ‘Rhythms of life’ at the Kerala Lalithakala Academy Art Gallery in Kozhikode, one feels that she had made it a habit to freeze people in action.The exhibition which was inaugurated by District Collector K. V. Mohan Kumar on Wednesday is full of life with pastel paintings and sculptures of people caught in action. For a self-taught artist only six exhibitions old, Usha has developed a unique style that brings the action live to the viewers through her sculptures mainly in bronze and the sketches using oil pastels.The girl in the sculpture ‘dream catcher’ had just touched the butterfly when Usha paused the action. The sculpture of a dancer balancing on her toe is said to have been inspired by a pose of danseuse Shobhana.The football goal keeper had taken a dangerous dive to stop the ball with his extended hand when Usha said ‘pause’.A micro second later, he would have crashed on to the ground and so would have the diver who was stretching from above a spring board towards the water below. The man carrying a heavy load on his back including three chairs, a pallet and two suitcases is Usha’s reminder on the burdens we all bear in our daily life.Usha has also exerted her creativity in absorbing the little pleasures in life through her sculptures. The man fishing, another sleeping with a book on his chest as a dog waited beside him and yet another man carrying a child on his shoulders share with us some lighter moments in life that any one would cherish.The pastel sketches are a study on human nature. The works portray ordinary lives of ordinary people like mothers, lonely women, farmers and so on. There are quite a number of sketches on different facets of womanhood, agricultural activities and water-related sceneries.The exhibition will conclude on Sunday.Aabha Anoop