I am an artist and sculptor with no formal training .I live and work from my home in Trivandrum, the capital of the state of Kerala in India.I find inspiration from the news papers, books ,cinema, photographs and people that I come across every day. My works till now have been visually direct depiction of contemporary life..

Through my works of art, I love to bring before my viewers the images that have struck a chord in my mind and the beauty of very ordinary experiences which we often fail to notice in our daily lives.

I use water colours, acrylics,oils,pastels, charcoals etc for my paintings.

My sculptures are mostly in bronze though I like to work in wood too. I have also done works in fibreglass, wood and terracotta.

Both sculpting and painting are to me very rewarding-emotionally and creatively.

Creating each work has given me great joy. I hope I have succeeded in passing on a little of that to my viewers.